Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the third and definitely the best game in the updated series, the heroine of which is the cult Lara Croft. However, from the very beginning to see and feel that we are dealing with a game very similar to its predecessors (and especially in the Rise of…”created because it’s a Studio). How is heating chop out the creators forever?

shadow of the tomb raider release date

Lara Croft in a new incarnation and with the voice of Carolina Mustard (only in Poland, of course), is definitely one of my favorite creations in video games of recent Shadow of the Tomb Raider key years. After a great Tomb Raider and a very exciting tomb raider uprising that suffered a bit from its temporary availability exclusively on Xbox one, it’s time to crown the trilogy. I agree-Shadow of the Tomb Raider is the end of a certain stage of the series. The sequels will arise, but we will probably also see a strong refreshment of the Convention. That’s it…

shadow of the tomb raider release date

In Shadow of the Tomb Raider will continue the thread of the blind organization Trinity, which is responsible, in particular, for the death of Lara’s father, and he wants to “build the world anew” with a powerful artifact. We start in Mexico, where Lara gets on a Trinity and an ancient Dagger, which is part of this whole puzzle. And here is all the action, and the prologue completes a powerful tsunami that washes Shadow of the Tomb Raider key off the surface of the earth the whole village. In the head of the player appears the same one thought would happen!

shadow of the tomb raider review

Indeed! We find ourselves in the Peruvian jungle, and the subsequent stages alternate with very intense scenes of crazy struggle for survival and absolute murder. And this plane crashes, and the refinery explodes, an earthquake, some Buddha temple, etc.the Vast majority of the time we will, however, conduct research.

shadow of the tomb raider review

And here’s a surprise, because in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider not only eksplorujemy ruins and tombs, but we find ourselves in a lost city-state Paititi, which is home to the descendants of the ancient Incas. Civilization has not yet reached us, and so we feel as if we have moved through time and become part of this community. Especially that Lara must have a local outfit that locals wanted Shadow of the Tomb Raider key to talk to her. And this is necessary, because in Paititi we will have a lot of work – including some pretty interesting side quests.

Exploring the city is not the only novelty. The developers have added a number of other mechanics to the game. Lara can now produce the specifics of herbs that slow down time or increase her resistance to injury,as well as produce hallucinations in opponents. The struck enemy starts shooting at the, and then dies in agony. This means we need to collect new raw materials – and in fact the cards are filled to the brim. Wood, spiders (for poison), canvas, tools, gunpowder, fat, skin and much, much more…

shadow of the tomb raider walkthrough

And if against it, here also put a lot more emphasis on the quiet elimination of opponents. The stages of the struggle are full of bushes and thickets in which we hid, and as if this was not enough, Lara can cover herself with dirt, so that opponents will not find her so quickly, uses new elements of the environment for shelter, and also protects the soldiers equipped with thermal imagers.

Of course, not done, known from the previous scene gadgets. In the corpses, we can hide a bomb, make a grenade out of cans, and a Molotov cocktail out of a bottle. Many of them will require us to unlock the camp in advance – as before Lara gains Shadow of the Tomb Raider key experience points, which when crossing a certain threshold turn into skill points. The ones we have are very much divided here, as in “the revolt…”into three categories: survival, struggle and search.

shadow of the tomb raider walkthrough

Fighting in the Shadow of the Tomb Raider was a bit of a fringe group. I already miss the fact that in Paititi we have only an arch, so it is simply not profitable to lead to open conflicts here. On the fingers of one hand throughout the game, I can count the situations in which the game is openly hinting to us – this is the moment to pull the gun and do it.time to break up.

What is particularly disappointing – most of them involving demonic beings (of course, this element here will not end). The developers probably took too much to the heart of the accusations that in the previous part, the fighting became too monotonous. I’m not bored there at all!

That is why most of the time we will study, and this masterfully inscribed in the entire Convention. At every step we find documents and artifacts. And when we think that we found everything that we would meet on the map or backpack archaeologist, which gives us the next point on the map – Zakopane, treasure, vaults, boxes, etc. and know what is best? Exploring in Shadow of the Tomb Raider gives you incredible pleasure and satisfaction. I just can’t tear myself away from the screen and I want the “wymaksić” area on the map, finding everything on it that can be found. It’s crazy what this game does to a person!

Research is also a number of new mechanics. There was an opportunity to swing on the line. There were also added Crayfish, after which new opportunities for climbing will open up to us. In the waters lurk us while piranhas, and hiding from them is one of the more annoying elements of pleasure.

Overall, however, the study looks almost the same as in the previous release. We will climb a lot and traditionally very often something under our weight will suffer. All this is complemented by simple logic puzzles, over which you do not need to puzzle for a long time – especially that Lara at a normal level of complexity, she tells you what you need to do now.

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