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9/23/2009WebNotes Launches PR and Communications Reporting Tool
5/18/2009WebNotes Launches Professional Web Annotation Research Tool
12/10/2008WebNotes Launches Exclusive Invite-Only Beta for Online Research Tool

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TechCrunchFinally, A Web Annotation Product That Makes Sense: WebNotes PR 

 – 9/23/2009
“If it was my job to mark [up the web] for specific clients, this is the way I’d do it.”Fox Morning NewsOnline Note Taking for Students – 8/26/2009
“The added functionality keeps students from having to re-type a lot of text, copying and pasting, as well as wasting time and paper by printing what they need.”PC WorldHighlight and Mark Up Web Pages with WebNotes – 6/29/2009
“Needless to say, WebNotes can really come in handy. If you’ve ever longed for a highlighter and/or sticky note for a Web site, give this dynamite service a try.”MakeUseOfWeb Annotation For Students or Professionals From WebNotes – 5/30/2009
“WebNotes has brought me even closer to being totally paperless, and is saving me tons of time daily.”LifehackerWebNotes Highlights, Sticky-Notes, and Organizes Web Research – 5/29/2009
“WebNotes, a research tool developed by, and for, serious researchers, allows anyone to highlight and add sticky notes to web pages and have those notes instantly added to a web-based research file.”XconomyNotes On A Startup: WebNotes Goes Pro – 5/29/2009
“WebNotes lets you highlight important text directly on the computer screen. It’s an integration of the most user-friendly aspects of print with the vast resources of the Internet.”CNETWeb annotation tool Webnotes gets pro flavor – 5/21/2009
“This is a big deal for students and business users who are likely to run into [PDFs] frequently while doing research.”CNBCOn the Money with Carmen Wong Ulrich – 12/16/2008
“WebNotes lets you take notes as you read, eliminating the hassle and the need ever again to copy and paste.”TechWagWebnotes Yeah it is better than Louis Gray 

 – 12/11/2008
“Products that solve that problem are gold, and Webnotes is just such a product … Over the last week, Webnotes has shown itself to be applicable and valuable in the university setting, as well as in other settings. It made the sharing of research notes, and other notes in a collaborative document so much easier than raw e-mail and word which we have been using before.”MashableWebNotes: A Sticky Note Plug-In for Serious Surfers 

 – 12/10/2008
“WebNotes is no-nonsense about online notes … It’s straight-forward, fast, and incredibly easy.”ReadWriteWebWebNotes: Not Just Another Annotation Service 

 – 12/10/2008
“Focus on “being a pencil instead of a Swiss army knife” is what makes WebNotes worth a second look. WebNotes doesn’t seem terribly interested in social recommendations or popularity rankings. Where it does seem to have interest, however, is in allowing people to easily annotate and highlight Web pages – and share them with the people who matter to them.”Product Management TipsProduct Review – Webnotes 

 – 10/10/2008
“It has been a long time since I have said “Wow” when I have seen a new product and Webnotes did make me say it. The second test for any product is the reaction it generates when others see it. When my colleagues saw me using it, the reaction was “Cool” and “How can I get hold of it?”. So it is definitely a product that I think has a very good potential based on my usage and also based on the reaction it was getting from people who were seeing it.”

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