After an incredible journey, WebNotes will be shutting down on November 1. Read more about how to export your data here.


Below are some testimonials from WebNotes users. If you would like to submit your own testimonial, feel free to let us know!

Since implementing WebNotes, our students have dramatically cut down on printing online resources.

- Monica Kunkel, Delano Public Schools

What DOESN'T WebNotes do particularly well?! I am not a gusher by nature, but this app is the best thing I've used on the web for note taking, research and organization. I am thrilled with this product!

- Diane, Missouri, USA

With WebNotes, our students are able to analyze 3 times the amount of information than they were before.

- Janice Borland, Educator

WebNotes has been invaluable in allowing me to track industry events that impact my business. It allows me to easily capture any updates, highlight new pieces of information and keep our internal team and our board up to dateā€¦.saving me hours!

- Nancy Liberman, VP Marketing Searchandise Commerce

Prior to WebNotes, it would take one of our staffers 2 hours per day to compile our e-clippings. Now it takes half an hour.

- Robert Nielsen Jr., Chief of Staff for Senator Tom Libous

Prior to using WebNotes PR, we spent a lot of time each morning compiling industry news scans for our clients and formatting them into HTML reports. With WebNotes PR, the article capture process is simplified and reports are generated automatically, saving a considerable amount of time each morning. This enables our team to spend more time adding strategic analysis and recommendations as part of this daily newsletter service to clients.

- Keri Bertolino, Vice President of fama PR

...Even more, when using WebNotes, I'm able to get my teams important information as fast as possible.

- Ellis, Financial Analyst

In my many blog reviews of products and services for research (now close to 10,000) I very seldom review what I consider to have "World Class" capabilities ..... I have just finished reviewing WebNotes and I can honestly state that they most definitely are on the leading edge of having World Class capabilities for their excellent research driven research tool.

- Marcus P. Zillman, M.S., A.M.H.A. Author/Speaker/Consultant

It has been a long time since I have said "Wow" when I have seen a new product and Webnotes did make me say it.

- Gopal, Product Manager

WebNotes has helped me cut in half the amount of time I spend compiling, organizing, and accessing the industry facts and statistics I use to support my writing projects. Not only am I able to complete my work faster, all of my clients have praised the quality of my research.

- Leslie Talbot, G2G Communications

I spend a lot of time researching business opportunities and strategies for clients. Webnotes is a great way to organize a lot of primary sources into an easily digestible format. I use it time and time again.

- Michael O'Connor, VP Gaming / Promotions at the Tribune Interactive

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